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Hi Rosemary,
Many thanks again for your excellent hospitality during my all-too-brief visit to Lexington. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was great to meet you, Jan & others – plus some new equine friends! This really turned a good holiday into a really great one! I certainly hope I can make it back before too long, and of course if you’re ever planning a trip to the UK, I’d love to see you & Bob...
Take care and keep in touch,

--  Clive Johnson, U.K.

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Hi Rosemary,
just wanted to drop you a note to say hi! I visited in Sept and took the 'Horse Experience' during my stay for the WEG (World Equestrian Games). I am still very grateful for the generous time you spent working with me. I loved your little Arab gelding and was thrilled to get to ride a horse my size for the first time. The little riding instruction I have had before was nothing compared to the professional and pleasant coaching you offered. I really feel that I learned a lot in the time we spent, I wish I didn't live a state away because it is hard to find a great trainer for a reasonable rate. Whenever I am in Kentucky I will look forward to visiting again! You really know how to put a person at ease and I like your sense of humor. You made the whole experience fun and enjoyable, as well as informative and productive. Thank you for your kindness and this great service you offer.

God Bless,
Elina Z.

Dear Rosemary,
Just a note to say a huge thank you for allowing me to ride at Sunburst, while visiting the USA. It will always be a fantastic memory that will never be forgotten, and has helped me improve my riding here at England, through both confidence and technique, as well as showing me that building a relationship with the horse allows further progress when both riding and caring for them. I will be sure to make a second visit when returning to Kentucky in the near future, and hope to keep in contact with you. Thank you for all your help!

Louise Crush

I am the father of the large family from Michigan that visited you on August 19th. Being in Kentucky for vacation we had planned on visiting one of the areas 'Horse Farms'. For various reasons that did not work out. We saw your school listed in a directory of Lexington area attractions and gave you a call. Your warm and giving nature came through the phone but we could not have anticipated what was in store for us.

You treated us, a rather large group, with much respect and genuine interest that we felt as if we were long time clients of yours, when in fact we were tourists. The way in which you involved each person, young and not so young, was endearing, but it was also instructive. Your methods certainly taught our children a valuable lesson that all people are important and should be treated with respect and understanding. This we feel was the greatest lesson of the day. Of course you taught us allot about horses and about caring for them.

While in Kentucky we saw wonderful natural wonders, (caves, mountains, rolling hills), and a Bourbon distillery, but to me the most memorable will be the hour or so that our family spent with you and your horses.
Thank you so much,

--  Kevin (Chaim) Cohen

Hi Rosemary --

Sky and I certainly enjoyed ourselves and have had fun telling friends and family about our adventure. I truly appreciate your patience and excellent instruction! The pictures are fantastic and a true gift to remember our trip. Thank you both so much for your hospitality!! Our time was well spent!.

Take care,
--  Ashley

Rosemary:  ...I would like to tell you HOW MUCH I have enjoyed everyone's attention and helpful comments and suggestions.
I THOROUGHLY enjoyed last Saturday's ride, especially w/the surprise galloping on Raj. It was FUN and EXHILARATING!!!!!...

--  Joyce K. Welch, Graduate Center for Toxicology, University of Kentucky

(The following was from an email sent to the Lexington Visitors Bureau from Tinny Ho of Hong Kong.)

I wanted to thank you for the very useful information on your website. My husband and I were invited by friends to go to the Kentucky Derby, Through your website, we were able to get some action of our own as well. We found the Sunburst Horsemanship School and took riding lessons there for 4 days. We had such fun and our riding improved a lot! The horses there are happy and very well behaved and the instructor, Rosemary Taylor, was great! She really made an effort (a very successful one), even during our short stay, to help improve our confidence and skills. Her love for animals and people is so very evident. I would highly recommend this riding school for any horse-loving person.

--  Tinny Ho, Hong Kong

...Rosemary's approach to riding is a lot different than that of other instructors I have had over the years...
...Basically, it was learning how to communicate with your horse in the simplest and most direct way, with balance and body position, which is a very focused and centered way to ride. But the best part was that, not only did it work on Rosemary's various school horses, it worked the same way on my horses at home...
...Riding one horse is never the goal, rather being able to ride any horse with equal aplomb is the mark of the true horseman or horsewoman. Instructing, nudging, encouraging, refining…these are the hallmarks of Rosemary's program. And they work, as attested to by the enthusiasm of her students...
...It doesn't matter whether you are a first-time rider, a seasoned veteran returning to horseback after a prolonged layoff, an accomplished equestrian on the show circuit, or just a weekend wannabe who loves horses, Rosemary has a plan for you. ...And I can't wait to go to Kentucky again.

-- Bess Short  (To see Bess' entire letter, click here)

Mrs. Rosemary,
Thank you for a wonderful riding lesson while I was in Kentucky. I had so much fun riding Gerta.
You are a great riding Instructor and I hope I can come back again sometime and take another lesson.

-- Sincerely, Mary White

Hi Rosemary,
Not sure if you remember me, but I took a dressage lesson with you way back in the beginning of May when I was in Lexington for an equine law seminar. Between moving and not having internet access for a while I didn't get a chance to post a review, but here it is now! Thanks so much for the fabulous lesson -- I've been putting what you taught me about setting the horse up for corners to use at my barn here in NY and have been getting great results, esp. on horses who have never really been "asked" to take a corner properly! Also, thank you for pointing out that I forget to breathe when I trot -- I definitely have been making use of the "tick, tock" technique and it's amazing how much better I can ride when I'm actually getting oxygen!

Next time I am down there I will definitely come by again. Thanks again for making my KY experience truly excellent and for helping my horsemanship!  All the best and please give Captain a pat from me.

-- Regards, Samantha Hetherington

Dear Rosemary:
...Once again, thank you for your lessons with Molly. Every time we come to Kentucky to visit the first thing she asks for is horseback riding at Miss Rosemary's. She always has a great time and from my perspective is getting quite good. Her instructor here has moved her up a few notches in her training and I know that it is because of you.  Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you on our next visit!

--  Daniel F.Plucinski, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Rosemary,
Wanted to thank you for the wonderful time our granddaughter, Amy, had riding.  The instructions you gave her really soaked in.  She was all smiles the rest of our trip.  I thanked Margaret Woods of Horse Farm Tours for recommending your riding school.  Thanks again and have a great summer.

--  Carl & Joan Jacobson and Amy Ruiz, Huntington Beach, California

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